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 Have a picnic by this long series of waterfalls, just up the street a bit from The Roxbury.Let the falling leaves in autumn hypnotize you as they float down a lazy stream.Take a break from an invigorating game of golf and watch the ducks play at this pond on the Shepard Hills Golf course.A whole new world awaits behind every waterfall in the Catskills. This one is hidden in a little nook by the Pepacton Reservoir.You think Evian from the French Alps is clear? Wait till you see the crystal clear streams of the Catskills.Ah the majesty of the mighty Pepacton Reservoir. It's gorgeous to drive around during the fall.The East Branch of the Delaware River as seen from The Roxbury.  Great for jogging.More of the East Branch of the Delaware River.Tube the rapids of the Esopus in summer.  Talk about a ride.Alder Lake is our favorite for swimming.  Shhhh....  Not many people know about it.Could this be the magic at last? Baby I want you, come, come into our magical, screened-in gazebo tent in our large back yard. Talk about tranquility...Come on baby light my fiya! Light the torches at night around our tent and let the romance begin. Behind the tent is a circle of stones in the ground for lighting bigger fires, but try to restrain yourself from howling too loudly at the moon. We do have a few neighbors...Bambi's everywhere. (Not the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, deer...)Renuzit and Glade try to package the scent, but nothing is like the real scent of pine. It's everywhere...Ah, Wilderness!  Wait a minute, Eugene O'neil said that...Put on your Hansel and Gretel outfits and try to find your way through the forests. Without the bread crumbs...The Winter Warlock lives up at the top of this road.Kirkside Park in the Village of Roxbury. Just absorb it.More of Kirkside Park.Sunrise, Sunset. Sunrise, Sunset. Slowly pass the days in the Catskills. One season following another.  Laden with happiness and beers. (Well, we didn't want to say tears...) 
  Have a picnic by this long series of waterfalls, just up the street a bit from The Roxbury.   Instructions: click on the "back" or "next" buttons to scroll through the photo series.