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All the world is a stage. Life is theater. Theater is life. And all that jazz. So why not spice up your vacation with a room that takes you a little - or a lot - out of the ordinary? Our five studio theme rooms were loosely inspired by a 60’s or 70’s TV show, film, or cartoon. We’ll let you try to figure out which ones. The names are: Fred’s Lair, The Mod Pod, Golightly a Go-Go, The Partridge Nest, and Samantha’s Cloud. The best way to learn about these rooms is to click the links below to view actual photos of them, or read below to get some more scoop. Four of the rooms come with interior adjoining doors to accommodate families or couples traveling together. One extra-pillowtop queen-size mattress in all studio theme rooms.
first theme studio picture second theme studio picture
Okay, we’re sure you get it by now that fun design is important to us and that all of these rooms are whimsically elegant and that no pictures can really do them justice and yadda yadda yabba dabba doo. So let us tell you a little bit about their amenities. In addition to wireless Internet, fridges, microwaves, coffee machines, A/C, Egyptian cotton towels telephones with voicemail, and luxury bathroom amenities, we created the studio theme rooms with a host of other details in mind. We wanted the focal point of the room to be the bathtub and tile work, so each room has a bathtub right smack dab in the center of the room with a different kind of tile work crawling all the way up to the 11’5” ceilings. So does that mean you take a bath in the middle of the room? Well, uhm, yes. But don’t worry, we had custom bathtub surrounds made of frosted sand-blasted glass for you modest couples out there and of course the toilets are in separate chambers. You also have two exterior doors in these rooms - one from the parking lot and another that opens out onto your private walkway, back garden areas, and spa. Other fun design elements include different chandeliers for each room, state-of-the-art flat screen TV’s with DVD players and, of course the ever important - mood lighting on dimmers.

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Fantasy Islands Yabba Dabba Doo and Flower Power and Moon River and Mondrian Heaven and Sam, Endora, Uncle Arthur, and Sarina’s secret hideaway at 30,000 ft. If you’re younger than 30 you may not get it. But it doesn’t matter. All of the above inspired us and we think it will be fun for you.