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Does size matter to you?. We feel that our kitchenette rooms are the perfect hotel room size. Just enough space for a family to not feel too crowded or just enough space for a couple to REALLY relax and let go.
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“Kitchenette” means, well, a little area that is separate from the main room that has a fridge, microwave, coffee machine, wet bar sink, and a "littlish" kitchen countertop space for spreading out your vacation snacks. Please don't let the name confuse you, though. These rooms do NOT have a full size kitchen with a stove and oven and utensils and fine Waterford stemware. It's just a little extra space in your room in case you need to shake that perfect martini for your significant other or spread out some goodies from one of our cheese platters. We have seven of these rooms. Some kitchenettes have a pillowtop king-size bed and others have two extra-long pillowtop full-size beds. And when we say "pillowtop," we really mean "heaventop." We spared no expense on these mattresses and they're like sleeping on a cloud! All rooms have Wireless Internet, TV's with DVD players and MP3 playback, fridges, microwaves, coffee machines, A/C, Egyptian cotton towels, luxury bathroom amenities, telephones with voicemail, and these wonderful curved shower rods that create more shower space in the bathtubs. Oh...and did we mention breakfast? We serve it continentally at 8:00am sharp. You'll dig the freshly-ground Hawaiian coffee, the chai tea, the freshly-baked old-fashioned coffee cake, the Ghiradelli White chocolate hot cocoa, the yogurt and oatmeal, and the fresh fruit. Please note that one of our kitchenette rooms is our ADA guest room.

And for those days and nights when ya just wanna curl up in front of a good flick, we have a DVD library of over 400 contemporary and classic movie titles, including the American Film Institute's "Top 100 Movies" of all time. They are ALL YOURS to enjoy during your stay here. Click to view our ever-expanding DVD list.

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Midnight Snacking “When you’re on vacation, it’s sometimes nice to be able to forego the restaurant-hunting-thing and cozy up with a good movie and some popcorn and cheese doodles and twizzlers and milk duds – especially if it’s cold and snowy outside,” said Greg Henderson (owner) in describing the kitchenette rooms. “We also had fun being creative with the tiles in the bathrooms. Color, color, color.”