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Itís good to be da king. And a good king (or queen) listens to his/her subjects. You wanted even bigger rooms than our standard kitchenette rooms. You wanted even fluffier, super-indulgent, king-size beds. You wanted luxuriously big two-person soaking bathtubs with dual showerheads and dual-sink vanity areas. You wanted a completely private throne room. You wanted a comfy sofabed couch for optimal movie viewing or another peaceful place to sleep. And most of all you wanted more crazy whimsically-elegant themes. Well, your wish is our command. Or is it YOUR command? Whatever...
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Our big king themes, all located in the North Wing, are over 100sf bigger than our already-large kitchenettes in the South Buildings. Designed with romance in mind for couples and functionality and space in mind for families, these giganto rooms feel more like a Manhattan studio apartment than a hotel room. Although, you wonít feel like youíre in Manhattan (or Kansas) when you twirl the disco ball in Tonyís Dancefloor or sleep under Farrahís locks in Angel Hair or find your heart in The Wizardís Emeralds or your favorite things in Mariaís Curtains or plop into fluffiness in Maryannís Coconut Cream Pie. In addition to wireless Internet, fridges, microwaves, coffee machines, A/C, Egyptian cotton towels, telephones with voicemail, and luxury bathroom amenities, the big kings also include 75-gallon dual-person soaking bathtubs with dual showerheads, cushy sofabeds that can sleep two more people, state-of-the-art flat screen TVís with DVD players, mood lighting, and separate toilet rooms.

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Double Your Pleasure Rub a dub dub, two in a tub. All our big king themes and suites in the North Wing have two-person soaking tubs with two showerheads. If that doesnít spark some romance itíll at least get you like majorly clean. Go ahead, Soak Your Day!