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The little hotel with the BIG mojo – and a va-va-voom expansion - just in time for ski season.
ROXBURY, NY, December 16, 2010—There are getaways, and then there are GETAWAYS.

The Roxbury Motel, so much smarter than your average bear, has just doubled its capacity to blow your mind, rock your soul, wet your whistle, and freak your chic, all just a civilized 2-and-a-half hour drive from New York City – just in time for ski season!

With the completion of its very grand 8,000 square foot North Wing, the Catskills’ boutique motel crosses the street and expands its bold and luxurious signature style in a burst of glorious new construction encompassing nine new suites [and do we mean suites,] an Executive Conference Room [that deserves a name more like ‘Psychedelic Power Pow-wow Chamber,’] and The Shimmer Spa North, a fraternal twin of the property’s original pamper-zone, The Shimmer Spa South.

The Roxbury’s North Wing would have liked to have been a castle. Sensitivity to its rural 19th century village surroundings, however, meant respectfully integrating the architectural style, and limiting the grandiose whimsy to a discreet turret [ok, not entirely discreet: it lights up the night in gentle technicolor à la Empire State Building] and a few mini-cupolas, proudly flying the home colors. Which are mostly lime green. The North Wing boasts no moat, but is pleasantly situated over the babbling East Branch of the Delaware River.

And that’s just the exterior. Anyone who knows anything about The Roxbury Motel has 1.) a lucky head-start and 2.) already grasped that the addition of a North Wing means a whole ‘nother wing on which to project the demonstrated design talents of the team behind The Roxbury South.

Five of the new accommodations are ‘Big King Themes,’ and mighty commodious, indeed. True to concept, each one embraces and embodies the inspiration of a vintage 60’s, 70’s, or early 80’s TV show or film. “The actual sets and characters of the shows are never duplicated,” explains The Roxbury’s Greg Henderson, “rather the colors, textures, or even mood of the shows are used to create our vision for a new kind of guest room experience.” Tony’s Dance Floor is aglow – literally – with disco splendor complete with twirling disco ball and the iconic Saturday Night Fever dance floor. Angel Hair celebrates both the flowing locks and derring-do of Farrah and Jaclyn’s sexy sisterhood. Maryann’s Coconut Cream Pie, the atmospheric fulfillment of so many dreams, is like taking the Nestea Plunge right into Maryann & Ginger’s whipped-cream. The Wizard’s Emeralds elevates the glory of green to a shiny new level with the yellow brick road running right through it, and Maria’s Curtains will make you seriously re-evaluate a few of your favorite things. Each of these larger-than-life rooms features 85-gallon two-person soaking tubs, dual shower heads, separate toilet chambers, comfy sofa beds, Egyptian cotton towels, wireless Internet, humongo televisions connected to the Internet and 100’s of free Netflix flicks, Ipod/Iphone docking stations and, most importantly, mandatory mood lighting.

All of this and more is yours with the North Wing’s four new all-out Suites, three of them requiring two stories to accommodate all the fun Plus, you get an extra bedroom, an additional ever-so-sumptuous bathroom, and plenty of communal space to spread yourself out, or to share with family and friends. The Final Frontier lets you star gaze from deep space, as the ceiling melts away and your personal starship propels through thousands of illuminated fiber optic ends creating the illusion of truly traveling through outer space. The Noir Boudoir captures most glamorously all that is best about film noir, plus a shot of gothic whimsy you never knew it had, or you had, or both. Miss Kitty’s Saloon looks like a place worth getting caught with your holsters off wink wink nod nod; and Amadeus’ Bride crosses Versailles with Vegas and Versace, Liberace-style. Gilded molding and golden bathrooms, mirrors, mirrors, mirrors, and a chandelier explosion would pretty-please anyone’s bride. Technically, this is The Roxbury’s honeymoon suite [created by popular demand,] but no one is counting how frequently you book it. Or with whom.

And speaking of with whom… The sparkling Shimmer Spa North adds 1500sf of new pampering space -- plenty of room to accommodate couples. Another variety of ‘with whom’ is welcome in the new Meeting Room [yes, it has a projection screen and sound system] seats 16 [larger spaces within walking distance can be arranged,] and with everyone getting a private room the entire property sleeps 40; if you share rooms and suites it sleeps 90!

The Roxbury is a getaway that transports you to a long-lost fantasy – or maybe one that’s not so far beneath the surface. “Designing these rooms was a daily meltdown of, ‘is this just too much?’” says Henderson. “I guess it might be if you’re going to live in it every day, but we feel that a vacation is about taking you away from the every day and into the world of ‘why not?’ We say think INSIDE the box, just decorate the hell out of that box!” Camp? Perhaps a bit. Cheesy? Never! The Roxbury Motel is far-out fun through exuberant design, exquisitely executed – all with fresh cut flowers, luscious bath amenities, yummy continental breakfasts, and most importantly – some darn good wine.

If you ski, or snowboard, or can stay aloft on an inner-tube flying down a snowy slope, or are at least game to try, then Roxbury, New York is the place for you: within half-an-hour of four of the Catskills’ great ski basins -- Plattekill, Belleayre, Hunter and Windham Mountains, The Roxbury Motel not only offers the coolest accommodations, but also substantial discounts on lift tickets, equipment rentals, and all-around fun ski-n-stay packages.

The Roxbury, Contemporary Catskill Lodging –

The Roxbury is the ideal destination for that long-awaited vacation, a fun weekend, or mid-week getaway, as well as small meetings and conferences. It is under a three-hour’s drive from The Big Apple and the New York tri-state area, Albany, and Philadelphia. The Roxbury welcomes families, meeting groups, singles, lovers and other strangers. Its guest register now includes visitors from more than 27 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America - plus New Zealand.

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