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Best Boutique Hotels in the U.S.
August 22, 2014

We started with a list of the top 250 ranked hotels on Tablet Hotels, a curator of boutique hotels. However, because Tablet is a relatively small site with only a few reviews per hotel, we found it not quite comprehensive enough to create a true ranking. So we included reviews from Yelp, TripAdvisor and, when applicable,, along with Tablet’s reviews.

This gave us a new, more comprehensive score for each hotel, that allowed us to put together an objective, numbers driven list of the top 25 boutique hotels in the U.S.

Ready to get traveling? Let’s get into our list of the best boutique hotels in America.

3. The Roxbury: Roxbury, NY

Themed accommodations are just one reason to put the Roxbury on your rotating list of favorite places to stay. Experiential travel ascends to new heights for guests who stay in rooms like The Shagadellic (a 60s-inspired room with bold colors and a zebra-print couch) or The Archaeologist’s Digs (a suite complete with hidden passageways and saltwater fish tank in the shower).

The Roxbury’s Review Score was 9.56/10. Read more about the Roxbury at Tablet.

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