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It’s Cool, It’s Hip — It’s The Place To Be In the Catskills
Woman Around Town
May 21, 2010

by MJ Hanley-Goff

I wanted to just fold my arms and “blink” myself back to The Roxbury Motel, about 40 miles west of Woodstock. After all, my husband and I had been guests, and stayed the night in the “Genie Room,” a two-bedroom, two-bath spacious suite set up like the inside of a genie bottle. Now, we were headed home. I could still picture the golden dome-shape of the room, the circular skylight in the ceiling, the wavy pink and orange wallpaper, and genie-shaped vases and knick-knacks that adorned the shelves. I swore that Barbara Eden and her “master” would enter at any time.

Or we could’ve chosen “George’s Spacepad” fashioned after the Jetsons cartoon, with a lighting fixture created from an old satellite, and the celestial white that creates a spacey calmness; maybe “Fred’s Lair” with pebble stones and windows looking like they were created during the Cro-Magnon era. Or “The Partridge Nest” or “Samantha’s Cloud.”

Do you get it? Rooms fashioned from our favorite TV childhood memories! What could be more fun!

The Roxbury Motel is ultra modern with a capital “U” in the heart of the quiet and rural countryside of Delaware County. Flat screen TV’s and wireless internet, fridges and microwaves, cool accent lighting, luscious towels, and soaps, shampoos, hair dryer, lions, tigers, and bears, oh my. No, not really, on the animals, but it’s easy to get carried away with all the amenities.

Did I mention the gardens and walkways, the mountain views? The complimentary breakfast that featured the most amazing sour cream coffee cake along with fresh fruit, yogurts, jams and jellies, coffee, tea, that guests can carry back to their room, or to the enclosed breakfast room, or the outside deck complete with gas powered fireplace? Perfect to sit outside on a breezy sunny morning.

Owners Gregory Henderson and Joseph Massa have created something very special here, and they’re loving it. Both were once full time New York City residents, living and working not too far from the World Trade Center. “The 911 tragedy and its aftermath did us in,” Gregory says. They already had a connection to the Roxbury area having purchased a vacation cabin in 1999, and Joseph had taken an interest in the local real estate market. When they heard about a run down motor lodge for sale, they made the jump to full time country living. To sweeten this story even more, both Gregory and Joseph have theatre backgrounds: Joseph built sets and Gregory was an actor. They took their shared talents to transform the former Roxbury Motor Lodge into the fabulous and trendy Roxbury Motel.

“The idea behind the room themes,” Greg explains, “is to pay sentimental homage to the innocence of our childhoods. The shows of the 1960’s were wildly colorful, very imaginative, and just plain fun. It’s a getaway that many of us can relate to.” And even today’s generation can be just as at home in these rooms from the repeats and marathons found on TVLAND. Right now, a multi-million dollar expansion is underway across the street from the main building. Plans call for a steam room, and total relaxation experience, and new rooms featuring a “warp speed” Star Trek theme, a Gilligan’s Island coconut cream pie room experience, and other fun ideas that I just don’t want to give away. No expense is being spared as Greg and Joseph enjoy touring the Internet for their varying needs, like space age tables and chairs, pebble wallpaper, and the genie-style floor pillows.

But once you exit your theme room, the natural beauty of the western Catskills offers something for every taste. You can enjoy hiking, skiing, antiquing, fishing, or biking, or lazing by the slim branch of the Delaware River that meanders past the motel, or take the kids to the local parks where water sports can be enjoyed. The town of Roxbury has an arts association that provides musical entertainment throughout the summer, and nearby Belleayre Mountain offers world class winter sports, and the popular musical festival.

Short drives from the motel include a picturesque waterfall called Minekill Falls, and the village of Hobart, with its collection of book shops, is known as “the book village of the Catskills.” If you are unsure about the activities in and around Roxbury, never fear. The staff at the motel knows the area well and can lead you to the perfect activity to match what you’re looking for. Gregory and Joseph have truly created a success story here in Roxbury by taking the leap from working at jobs just to make ends meet, to making ends meet doing what they love. Share in the fantasy!

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