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The New Catskills - Area’s Must See for the Day
Area-Daily, Your Guide to Modern Travel
October, 28 2008

Think of the Catskills and you probably imagine your grandparents going on vacation. But with the economy as it is, not to mention the fact that flying is getting more dehumanizing by the year, car-trip holidays are back in style. So why not fill up the tank and head to The Roxbury - and the town of the same name - just under three hours from New York City, a few miles to the north and west of the famous town of Woodstock.
The Roxbury is a groovy country bolthole that breaks the mold a bitó the colonial house might make you think of a B & B, and the adjoining motel building is a low-profile pre-modernist classic. Rooms, however, are anything but traditional, with design themes that range from the vibrant and contemporary to the flamboyantly retro.
Itís a perfect getaway for a weekend in, or a base for exploring the outdoors of upstate New York ó like attending a country auction steps away, mountain biking on the Catskill Scenic Trail or fly fishing at Catskill Outback Adventures. One thing itís not is a traditional old-style Catskills resort.
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