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The Roxbury’s WOW! Factor
Kaatskill Life
Winter, 2007-2008

Kaatskill Life

Winter 2007-2008 Volume 22 Number 4

The Roxbury’s WOW! Factor

By Joe Munster

Photography by the author

The first time I saw the interiors at The Roxbury I had to blink; my friend Nina and I did a quick walkthrough in order to understand Gregory Henderson and Joseph Massa’s vision for their property and to choose several rooms to photograph for this magazine. Initially, it was overwhelming, but I soon got with the program. Greg and Joe call it “whimsical elegance,” and so it is. Imagine sleeping in Jeannie’s Bottle, or Fred Flintstone’s Cave, or on Samantha’s Cloud, or in Holly Golightly’s pad, or Austin Powers Shagadelic Suite. Greg and Joe have the talent, taste and skills to carry off these themes and others perfectly to position The Roxbury as a stunningly different set of digs in the Catskills.

Coming from strong theatrical backgrounds (they have been actors, set designers, producers and directors for over 20 years), the co-owners know and understand lighting, color, fabric choices and style, as well as the needs of travel visitors. They provide not only imaginative room settings but deluxe amenities, like extra-long pillow top mattresses, thirsty Egyptian cotton towels, high speed WIFI “Internet stations” in every room, flat screen TVs, DVD players with a 400 DVD library, and much more. Breakfast is very satisfying, with fresh fruit, muffins, jams, jellies, coffee, tea, white hot chocolate, juice, oatmeal, cereal, yogurt, and more.

When you arrive, the first thing that impresses you is all the identical chartreuse green doors, flanked by black shutters, giving the exterior a classic, clean look. Not every room has had an extreme makeover, so you can opt for conventionality. But why? The Austin Powers Shagadelic Suite is very popular with the guests, so much so that we never shot it because it was occupied. A recent addition is the Shimmer Spa which has a professional sport-caliber hot tub, surrounded by thousands of sparkling iridescent mosaic tiles especially custom made for The Roxbury in China, a dry sauna, a glowing fireplace, and a shower lined with black river rock that massages your feet as you luxuriate in the flowing water. Just outside on the 900-square-foot deck, is a custom-built fire pit with controlled flames that flicker through fireproof chartreuse aquatel glass crystals just enough to chase the chill on a cool Catskills’ evening. Gregory Henderson is pictured here adjusting the height of the flames.

I must describe a few of the rooms in more detail. The Golightly a-Go-Go room pays homage to Truman Capote’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Propped up on a super comfortable bed are two large pillows covered in perfect Tiffany Blue fabric behind a smaller subtle black velvet pillow replete with an n elegant sparkling bejeweled Tiffany-style necklace. On an opposite wall is a large photograph of Audrey Hepburn wearing a similar necklace and standing beneath a gleaming crystal chandelier exactly like the one hanging above the bed. The two-bedroom I Dream of Jeannie Suite is gilded beyond belief, yet at the same time also feels very cozy and comfortable, with not just one but two bottles for your favorite djinn. The Genie’s Bottle (bathroom) is a perfectly engineered sphere with a 70-gallon Japanese deep soaking tub at its center. The Partridge Nest is a tribute to the famous Partridge Family Bus and its Mondrian paint scheme. The color-matched mosaic tiles were made in China to Greg and Joe’s exacting specifications. You hate to stay in one of these fabulous chambers to believe how much Wow! Factor these two have created.

The Roxbury is located at 2258 County Highway 41 in Roxbury and is less than a three-hour drive from New York City, Albany, or Philadelphia. For reservations and information call (607) 326-7200 or visit or e-mail