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We’re Outta Here - A Weekend Destination
October, 2006

We’re Outta Here – A Weekend Destination

by Brian Rathjen

Spring had finally sprung this season and, as we’re always looking for new places to share with you guys and girls, we were looking to get in a few quick overnights.

Enter the great searcher – the Internet.

We have found the web to be almost indispensable these days and it certainly makes looking for cool places far easier than pouting over country guidebooks.

Not long into our search for something cool in the Catskills we found something that looked VERY cool in the Catskills – The Roxbury.

I thought it was cool. Shira thought it was cool.

We booked a mid-week room on the web in 60 seconds.

How cool is that?

We would not be disappointed.

We took a leisurely ride up from northwestern New Jersey, hitting a few roads we knew and a few we didn’t.

It was all good, and soon we were back on familiar pavement and nearing Margaretville, New York where we picked up Route 30 north.

Now, just for your information this road goes so far north that it runs all the way into Montreal – actually to the stadium where the old Expos played before they moved to D.C.

But, this day we would just head up a few miles along the valley made long ago by the now small river and then, in Roxbury, make a quick left to the ‘contemporary’ Catskill lodging known as The Roxbury.

Just a few years ago The Roxbury was a shell of what it is these days. Basically, a welfare hotel and in pretty bad shape. With vision, and more than a little faith, owners Gregory Henderson and Joseph Massa set about redoing what is now The Roxbury.

What one reviewer called Austin powers meets the Brady Bunch – but in a good way.

We thought it was more like if Austin hooked up with a very sophisticated lady who tempered his wacky enthusiasm with a touch of class.

The rooms are all done in vibrant colors and feature modern design touches as well as DVD players and high-speed internet access in all of the rooms.

This is good, as up here in the beautiful Catskills your cell phone won’t work, but you can still log onto the net. Go figure.

Walking into any of the rooms will certainly make you stop and think, “Is this really the old Catskills?”

Well, no – it’s the new Catskills!

And The Roxbury seems to be leading the charge in revitalizing the vibrancy and allure that once enveloped these old mountains.

Getting back to the design and ambiance of each of the rooms; these guys really outdid themselves, which is not surprising when you learn of their theatrical backgrounds.

Superb is really not a strong enough work – but add into that comfort as well.

The beds all feature extra-long pillow top mattresses which were as comfortable as anything we have slept on and the bathrooms all feature Egyptian cotton towels, curved shower rods for a great freshen up and special “Lather” soap that seemed to do a serious job of letting you wake up and greet the day.

The grounds are spacious and they have a wonderful spot to sit out in the late day sun where, during the Summer months, they have a tent set up. We certainly enjoyed the final rays of the mid-April sun with a nice bottle of red, which you can easily purchase from the convenient wine shop right around the corner that has a seriously great selection! Taking a walk down to the East branch of the Delaware River, we marveled at one of the neatest trees we have ever seen. Continually fed by the waters it has taken off in five separate directions and you can actually step right into it.

A wonderful place to finish off the cabernet.

In the evening there is a small lounge that has ties to The Roxbury called Public. It was closed the day we were there but looks like a little bit of Manhattan has made its way north.

We’re looking forward to seeing first hand later this year.

Later on you’ll get to snuggle down with a great flick, and believe us The Roxbury has all the greats with a DVD library of over 300 contemporary and classic movie titles, including the American Film Institute’s “Top 100” movies of all time. They are your to enjoy during your stay.

In the morning breakfast was served on the outdoor-screened porch and, as with many places like this, the company you meet at breakfast is almost always worth the journey itself.

So with The Roxbury you have so much – class, comfort and a bit of shagaliciousness! Add into that the great location and the miles and miles of superb riding and you have a true winner.

Yeah, Baby!
We really enjoyed our stay – truly the epitome of what we look for in a We’re Outta Here…And, we were!