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The Roxbury Wins 2004 Catskill Mountain News Best Service Award for #1 Hotel/Motel in the Catskill Region!
Catskill Mountain News
January 26, 2005

2004 Best Service Award Winner for #1 Hotel/Motel

by Margaret Inge

They call it The Roxbury. What it is is the hottest new motel in the Catskills. And people have expressed how very much they appreciate its arrival by sweeping it into first place in its category.

Neither Greg Henderson nor Joe Massa, the owners, had been in the tourism industry before undertaking the remarkable transition that would become The Roxbury. What they wanted was to find a way to comfortably sustain their living in order to facilitate a full time move for both of them. What they did was create a guest experience that is rarely found in the region. They did it by putting all their focus on the needs of future customers.

What began as a small renovation grew as they began to develop their vision. Greg couldn’t forget that "there is nothing less romantic than hearing someone else’s romance." After several soundproofing attempts and lots of internet research, they finally found the same substance the CIA uses to soundproof rooms and used it. Further, they spared no expense to have what they call "Pillow Top" mattresses custom made by Sealy. As a result, Greg reports, "At least once a month a guest calls back after their stay to ask where they can get a mattress like the one they were on here."

Each room has a small kitchenette, complete with a sink, microwave, refrigerator and coffee maker. Bathrooms were fully renovated and are equipped with a full set of amenities, including hair dryers. All the TVs are equipped with DVD players. In fact, our library of 175 DVD titles has become quite a hit. Guests call prior to their arrival to reserve a movie." While they are being conservation minded about the use of water and may not change the bed linens daily for those staying more than one night, rooms are freshened daily, as one would expect from a fine hotel.

At The Roxbury, it is all about anticipating guests’ needs. A welcoming cocktail at check-in, Godiva Chocolates in the room, individual temperature controls, in-room spa treatments and more. Those making Internet reservations, as 80 percent of their guests do, who are scheduled to arrive late, can have their key mailed to them in advance. This last feature is made possible by the state of the art technology that Greg and Joe have used throughout their operation. Card keys can be programmed to become operable on the evening they anticipate arrival, so their guests need not be concerned about the precise time of arrival.

When asked about their service philosophy, Joe quipped, "It’s all about having fun. Greg used fun colors to brighten up the rooms. We want people to have a thoroughly enjoyable stay. What means the most to me is the experience we are enabling for people. We had a family here from Venezuela. They visited Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, New York City and Roxbury, NY. Their 18-year old son sound us on the web. For many people, they come and find it is comfortable enough to just stay. We have often had people for several days and never leave the village." This paralleled Greg’s comment that they are part of creating a destination, "None of this would be possible if there weren’t great things going on in the village. We’re right around the corner from Tastebud’s, the Roxbury Arts Group, and some art galleries.

Greg’s description of The Roxbury is peppered with the names of the many people who helped make their dream come true—they believe in giving credit where credit is due. Clearly the credit for having a service vision come to full realization goes to Greg Henderson and Joseph Massa. Their efforts have been recognized by readers in this award. And not surprisingly, they were humble in their response, "This is so touching. We are doing our best to contribute to a vital Roxbury and maybe this will bring more people to the village."