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Perfect Weekends: At the Top of the Heap
New York Post
December 7, 2004

Perfect Weekends: At the Top of the Heap
"Night at The Roxbury: The Catskill’s newest funky hotel. We surveyed nearly 30 resorts. Now the NYP picks the top five Northeast slopes for well-rounded ski breaks."

We have fine slopes aplenty here out east, but rare is the resort that can hold one’s interest after sunset. Sure, skiing is why we’re there, but why settle for just that? We hit the roads of New York and New England to find out where we can not only get our money’s worth on the slopes, but have an all-around fantastic winter break. Here, NYP Travel’s top five picks (in no particular order) for the perfect ski break:

Bretton Woods

Just another half-hour farther from N.Y.C. than crowded Hunter Mountain lies one of the greatest gifts a time-starved New York skier could ask for. Now, if only it would snow there (it plans, however, to open this weekend).

Plattekill purports to be a simple, small business run by a family (the Vajtay clan) for families, but it’s not just a bunny run with a rope tow. A good 40 percent of its 35 runs are in the black, and with the replacement of one of the three lifts, lines move faster.

The neighborhood is no slouch. The nearby town of Roxbury has the historic charm of neighboring Connecticut but none of its stuffiness. Margaretville, with its antique shops, is down the road and Bobcat and Belleayre, two well-known slopes, are a half-hour away.

Best of all, the nightlife stinks. Those who’ve suffered through a Saturday night at Hunter will agree this is a good thing. Don’t leave without:

Lodging pick: One of the Catskills’ newest talking points, the quirky Roxbury, is a bargain to end all bargains. Even the ultra-mod three-room suite, for instance, costs just $150/night on winter weekends. The owners have worked out arrangements with Plattekill to sell ski passes for just $30 (from $85;

Picture caption: Night at The Roxbury: The Catskills’ newest funky hotel