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Sleeping Around: The Roxbury Motel
Inside Out Magazine
December, 2004

by Pat Horner

My partner and I drove in to the lower level of the newly renovated Roxbury Inn and, spotting an open door, curiously peeked in and saw original art on the wall. What a treat—something a motel room rarely has!

Owners Joseph Massa and Gregory Henderson greeted us warmly and offered champagne, cheese and nuts while giving information on their recently opened boutique lodging facility, followed by a tour.

The suites are similarly designed, with colors that attract attention by being more yellow, orange or green than anything in the real world. The bright colors, chrome furniture and molded flower pop art have an avant-garde appeal. The zebra couch and extra-plush, pillow-top mattresses are guilty pleasures offered along with Internet access, Egyptian cotton towels, curved shower rods, coffee machines and blow dryers.

Did I mention the lime green, bright blue and fluorescent, phosphorescent and incandescent mood colors against a chocolate brown or gray setting in the rooms? All the lighting, fabrics and colors are masterful.

The motel was formerly a rooming house one block from the center of Roxbury. The only open restaurant was a pizza shop, so we walked across the Delaware River to it, and then through town, chatting with the locals. A charming, quiet town with few tourists is becoming rare in the Catskills.

"A hotel should be no place like home," said Lapidus, architect of the Fountainbleau Hotel in Miami. "Your building is your stage set...step inside the door, and zingo! Euphoria." The comparison may not be fair, but the feeling is the same at The Roxbury.