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The Oh-So-Groovy Roxbury
October, 2004

"It is equal parts Star Trek and Partridge Family—mixed with a touch of owner Gregory Henderson’s 1970s childhood bedroom. Orange, yellow, and lime green abounds at this boutique motel which recently opened in the Catskills, yet the effect is oddly calming thanks to touches like Egyptian cotton towels and pillow top beds."

I’ve always been a magazine junkie. If it’s glossy, fluffy and fun, count me in. I remember I used to pore over the pictures from the fashion runways and magazine editorials, trying to figure out how on earth that must-have Chanel look or stunning, skin-tight Dolce bustier cocktail dress would fit into my decidedly non-bustier life. And some seasons, no matter how much I "studied" the fashion editorials, they just didn’t speak to me.

Only later, after I started reporting on New York lifestyle and streetfashion for magazines like Marie Claire in Asia, did I figure out why. When people get dressed, I noticed that they tend to fall into six basic style categories, some more edgy and some more classic. A girl who lives uptown on New York’s Park Avenue in a "Classic 8" apartment not only dresses differently than her downtown sister in a Williamsburg loft, but they frequent different restaurants, lounges, enjoy different leisure activities, stores, and even drink different cocktails. It’s almost as if they live in different cities, and it goes beyond getting dressed - it speaks to lifestyle.

I know, I know, six "tribes" seems quite general (just think of them as an overall blueprint - the details are up to you), but at least it explains why the magazines spoke to me some years and not others. During the seasons that the majority of designers catered to my eclectic tendencies (the tribe we’ve labeled Downtown Dolls ), the editorials were like a shopping list. In seasons when they veered to, say, a predominantly boho vibe (our Afro Love tribe), my other girlfriends got lucky (while I begrudgingly paid off my credit card balances).

Although some seasons the fashion mainstream doesn’t seem to favor your tribe, it doesn’t mean there aren’t style choices out there to tempt you. At, we’re obsessed with finding them for you, from the coolest beauty news to interesting interviews with fashion insiders, tips on entertaining, where to party, what to drink/eat/see/listen to, pop culture articles, travel, theatre, pets, sex and even threads for the wee fashionista-in-training (check out this month’s Rock Punk section for the coolest diaper bag ever) - all customized for your fashion tribe.

Let us know what you think - good and bad - and we’ll keep working on so we really capture the fashionably fab comings and goings of your tribe.