cocktail lounge
Looking to enjoy a good cocktail or tummy-pleasin-tidbit while staying at The Roxbury? Don't want to worry about driving back to your room after knockin back a few? Well, check out Public Restaurant literally right across the street and a hop skip and slurp away from your room at The Roxbury!   It's a little bit of the city right here in the country and it's open from Wednesdays through Mondays and also delivers food right to your room! Please note that we do not own this establshment. We have it on our website so that our guests know that much-needed libations and really groovy food are closeby, but we are not in any way involved in its operations.
  • Welcome to Public Lounge! Click a thumbnail above to see a more detailed photo below.
  • Yes Folks, right here in Roxbury, NY we gotta bar that lights up like a Mondrian painting. Doesn't every village have one?
  • Cinderella doesn't have the market cornered on unique glass concepts. She can have her glass slippers, Public Lounge has a see-thru glass sink—and it's backlit to boot. Eat your heart out Cinderella!
  • Oh what a quaint, country barn painted a nice soothing shade of burgundy. Open the doors and FREAK OUT! Le Freak, c'est Chic!
  • Don't worry, Nancy Sinatra isn't always playing on the enormous projector screen. Public Lounge has a virtual visual plethora of videos and cool images for your eyes to feast upon.